Particle Physics at Colliders

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Florencia Frigo: florencia [dot] frigoatiteda [dot] cnea [dot] gov [dot] ar
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Start: 29 August.
Finish: 9 September.
Duration: 2 weeks, 1.5 hs/week.
Schedule: 10:30-12:00 hs.
English Course.


Instituto Sábato, CNEA, Av. de los Constituyentes y General Paz.

Profesor Dr. Dieter Zeppenfeld

Profesor Dr. Dieter Zeppenfeld

Institute for Theoretical Physics
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Hadron colliders like the LHC at CERN, Geneva, are the working horse of modern particle physics. This course summarizes the theoretical concepts required to understand physics at past and state-of-the art experiments.

After a brief review of field theory tools, the course will start with elementary concepts ranging from cross section formulas, within the parton model, to kinematic variables commonly used at the LHC. These concepts will be applied in a discussion of important processes such as W, Z or Higgs production. Hadronic jets and their description and simulation will be discussed in their own right and as an ingredient in studying electroweak physics, via their presence in higher order corrections.

Present day precision studies at hadron colliders necessitate higher order corrections (NLO QCD and beyond). Concepts for NLO corrections will be introduced and their connection to parton shower programs and event simulation will be discussed.

Physics beyond the standard model can manifest itself via the production of new particles at the LHC or via new forces, which affect differential cross sections. Examples will be given for both cases. For new forces, effective field theory concepts will be introduced for Higgs physics and electroweak observables and their possible manifestation at hadron colliders will be discussed.


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